What is iDentials?

It's an innovative online software which aims to simplify the practices related to the collection of information, the interaction between companies and contacts, to facilitate the promotion of activities on Web and on social networks for small businesses and to provide the best packaged possibilities for the use of identification technologies of badges printing online. One software, many purposes.

Why iDentials?

We decided to develop iDentials after some simple observations. The first is the fact that the needs for badge printing of companies are various but there is no comprehensive solution that simplifies the process of enrollment information and printing badges online. As the users always have to go through the export of data with external applications, they are not able to fully customize their cards online.

The second observation that led to develop iDentials was based on the fact that a company which needs to identify individuals (employees, members, customers, attendees) must be able to easily define their own rules in the software, either in the choice of the information to be collected or in the operation. In short, a software that can adapt to the needs of many companies and situations.
Finally, we also consider that even if our software should be flexible and adaptable to the needs, it must also meet with the multiple standards use by offering packaged tools for customers who do not want to configure every single detail.

How does iDentials work?

It's a cloud based software hosted in high secured environment (ISO 27001 certified) with a high availability guaranteed. We store all iDentials data on a RAID-enabled Storage Area Network (SAN), which offers scalability and protection against drive failure. We also back up iDentials data on a consistent schedule. To simplify, we operate in a highly available and redundant environment.

What are the qualifications of the staff working on iDentials?

Our technical team is composed of experts in online software development, mobile technologies and in publishing badges printing solutions.
Our product managers have significant experience in applicative solutions, cards and badges integration for the various businesses covered by iDentials.
We only employ people with significant experience and all persons involved are employees of P&T Consulting SA.

Can I use a Mobile App provided by iDentials?

We do have a Web mobile application that can be used by both activities providers and their clients. The mobile can be used, among others, to scan badges.

How iDentials is different from the competition?

The first difference with the competition is that iDentials wants to adress the most common needs of the markets by giving less importance to technology VS use. Today, lot of businesses deal with lot of softwares with disconnected use (no web use) and in which the collect of information is made with paper, pen, Excel files or via import / export between different sources. So we want to cover the use of such softwares by bringing the added value of the web and real-time without providing further complexity. Thus, we hope to provide a simple tool which covers classic issues. We will add different values from its current use, by offering both a packaged solution for daily use and marketing tools and communication appropriate to their business. For businesses with special needs, we offer creative freedom while providing effective means of processing and data management. Only the form changes but the content and the services offered are the same, with the availability to add different technologies (eg the use of NFC). This is the basis of the iDentials' proposal: standard use for the majority but also a complete tool box to give everyone the opportunity to take ownership of the solution and build its own uses.

The second difference is that we offer to the customers the ability to fully manage their processes with one single tool. That's why we address the ability to print badges directly online via a special interface that allows also to read the badges and involve appropriate services access control, presence, personal identification, loyalty card, etc. .... Depending on the service used by our client, the software recognizes and can be used to collect, process and archive all information.
Finally, iDentials is multilingual software as our customers can use the default language of the software, but also create their own forms with the texts of their choice in the languages of their choice. The software allows taking into account all the custom items: our client has full freedom.